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Om & Ojas  ~ Yoga & Ayurveda Healing Arts
Om & Ojas  ~ Yoga & Ayurveda Healing Arts

Now is the time to begin nurturing optimal health


Now is the time to begin nurturing optimal health

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Ancient Self Care and Healing Modalities

The time honored traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda offer natural tools of self care which cultivate a harmonious state of balance promoting healing which establishes vibrancy of body, mind and spirit.  These traditions meet the variety of health challenges presented to us through our modern fast paced lifestyle.  Om & Ojas offers wellness through Yoga & Ayurveda Healing Arts.



Om is a sacred sound that is considered to be the primordial sound in the Universe.  All sounds emanate from this sound.  It’s origins in Sanskrit refer to the three distinct sounds, A U M that symbolize the three Hindu deities or the three forces in Nature (creation, preservation and destruction).  This mantra or sacred sound appears at the beginning and end of Sanskrit recitations and prayers.  Typically chanted three times to invoke the three universes (physical, astral and causal).



Ojas is a sanskrit word that means “vigor” that refers not just to physical vitality but also emotional vitality and spiritual well being.  Ojas is the most refined end product of your digestion, the essence of all the body tissues.  It is considered the nectar of life and it governs not just physical health but governs digestion, immunity, radiant skin, aging, sleep, moods and so much more.  Ayurvedic practices help to build ojas.